Prescription Eyelash Lengthening

This innovative treatment gives long glamorous eyelashes without the need for extensions. The prescription-only solution increases the length, volume and darkens the colour of the lashes gradually over a two month period.

Simply place the solution on the base of the upper eyelashes every night before bed and then watch the transformation take place.

This is a prescription-only treatment offered by the Clinic’s Dr. Imogen. To book your consultation with her please call Eden Skin Clinic Kensington on 020 7584 0115 or our Wimbledon clinic on 020 8879 9812.


To book prescription eyelash lengthening treatments please call your nearest Eden Skin Clinic

Price Guide Kensington Clinic
Kensington Clinic 020 7584 0115

Price Guide Wimbledon Clinic
Wimbledon Clinic 020 8879 9812