To celebrate #WorldSmileDay (5 October) Eden Skin Clinic is delighted to support Operation Smile – a fabulous Wimbledon based charity which provides thousands of safe surgeries each year for those born with cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformities in developing countries.

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How we’re helping…

Each Operation Smile operation can cost £150 and takes just 45 minutes to surgically repair a child’s cleft lip.

So, for every Dermapen Micro-needling treatment we carry out in October and November, we’ll donate £50 to Operation Smile.

Our aim is to raise at least £1,000 which would help heal 6 smiles.


Why Operation Smile?

Meet Faustina who lives in Ghana, a country with a deeply rooted stigma towards cleft lips.

For 17 years, Faustina has lived with the burden of her unrepaired cleft lip.  “I can’t go anywhere because of my cleft,” she said. “I can’t attend school. I just spend my days helping my mother at home.

When Faustina was born, doctors told her Father that surgery could fix her lip. However, the procedure couldn’t be performed at their district hospital, and it would be too expensive for him to afford.

Operation Smile, and their supporters, made it possible for Faustina to have the life changing surgery. Now she can look forward to the future…

Faustina is a typical example of someone who’s born disadvantaged because of her cleft condition,” Operation Smile volunteer surgeon Opoku said. “You can imagine how much stigmatization she’s had to deal with in the past, so for people like that, really, I’m grateful that we were able to reach her.

When she saw her reflection for the first time after surgery, her eyes were filled with tears of joy when she gazed at her face in the mirror.


Help us support Operation Smile

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