Is Laser Hair Removal Effective For Men?

Is Laser Hair Removal Effective For Men?

With thick, stubborn, and coarse hair comes irritation, inconvenience, and ingrown hairs. While most men prefer to stick to their routine of shaving or waxing, laser hair removal offers an effective and long-lasting solution to excess hair woes.

IPL Laser hair removal works effectively, regardless of gender, and because of this, it is rising in popularity amongst men. IPL Laser Hair Removal has become the preferred method of permanent hair reduction, and we at Eden Skin Clinic are here to break down why it is so effective!

What is IPL Laser Hair Removal?

Before we delve into its benefits and uses, it’s important to understand how IPL Laser Hair Removal works and how it is effective. The IPL process involves controlled pulses of light directed into the skin to penetrate the epidermis (outer layer of skin). These light pulses are absorbed by the melanin (colour pigment) in the hair shaft and converted into heat, destroying the follicle and preventing future regrowth. Over time and with follow-up sessions, this process will permanently reduce unwanted or excessive hair growth by around 85-90%.

The process itself is quick, and whilst it can be uncomfortable, it is not usually considered painful. Most people will experience a slight stinging and heat sensation often likened to a rubber band snapping against the skin, but this is short-lived.

Laser hair removal for men

Why Is IPL Laser Hair Removal Growing In Popularity With Men?

Athletic Benefits

For many of our male clients, laser hair removal offers practical benefits aside from its aesthetic appeal. For those who like to keep active, excess body hair can be a cause for irritation when wearing tight clothing like cycling kits and compression tights. Coupled with sweat and body hair, this results in chaffing, which can be easily managed or eliminated by IPL Laser Hair Removal.

In sports played at a high level, massage is essential in preparing your muscles for the effort ahead. Body hair can be an issue as it limits massage products from deeply penetrating the skin. In the case of sporting injuries, it is also easier and more hygienic to treat a wound if the skin is free of hair.

Hair removal has long been the norm for those who participate in competitive swimming. Removing body hair reduces resistance in the water, giving professional swimmers a competitive edge. Laser hair removal is ideal for professional swimmers as, unlike shaving, there is no risk of potential nicks and cuts becoming infected by chemically treated water. Additionally, the time saved from frequent grooming can be put to better use in training!

For personal trainers in the body-building industry, hair removal helps to enhance muscle definition. With this in mind, IPL Laser Hair Removal can be used to reduce excess hair in certain areas and help to sculpt others, making it highly effective for our male clients.


Even in 2022, male body hair and its removal are topics rife with misconceptions. One of which is that having a lot of body hair makes you less hygienic. This isn’t the case at all, and we often find that our male clients are simply looking to relieve irritation and enhance their physical appearance.

There are also other seemingly mundane benefits of IPL Laser Hair Removal for men, such as deodorant having direct contact with the skin, alongside less underarm hair entails a reduced amount of perspiration that could pool in the underarm area, allowing for a fresher, cooler, and cleaner feeling. Permanent hair reduction can also offer the opportunity to reduce bushiness, itchiness, and irritation that can intensify in the hot summer months.

Male Grooming

Laser hair removal is highly effective at treating larger areas of the body, with the popular areas for men being the back, upper shoulders, neck and chest. For men who prefer to be cleanshaven, it is the perfect solution to save time on your daily or weekly maintenance. It is extremely effective as it will drastically reduce the frequency in which you have to shave, if at all.

IPL Laser Hair Removal can reduce ingrown hairs caused by frequent shaving, as well as breakouts often triggered by the over production of sweat, sebum and hair in the follicles. Another popular area of choice for laser hair removal is the back of neck, often tidied up at the barbers this area can look scruffy once grown back, so permanent hair reduction is a game changer.

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