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Thread Veins

The symptoms of thread veins can be managed, even though there is not a cure. At our clinics in Wimbledon and Kensington, Eden Skin Clinic provides IPL Thread Vein Treatment and Advanced Electrolysis to help with the appearance of thread veins. To speak with one of our specialists and learn more, please book a consultation at either of our clinics.

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What are Thread Veins?

Broken veins, commonly referred to as thread veins, are a very common but treatable skin condition. Those who are impacted by them will see tiny, noticeable vein fragments that are visible beneath the skin’s surface.

Thread veins are typically found on the face, especially on the cheeks, chin, and nose, though they can also be noticeable on the chest. They frequently appear in deep shades of red, purple, or blue. Thread veins are not visible through the skin, in contrast to varicose veins, which present with similar symptoms.

Men and women can be affected by them, but women over 40 are more susceptible. Thread veins are blood vessels that are visible on the skin because of dilated blood vessels brought on by increased blood flow pressure.

While thread veins do not pose any significant health concerns, people with moderate to severe cases may find them unsightly and a cause of low self-esteem. Those affected may attempt to conceal them with clothing or resort to cosmetic cover-ups, which will only offer a short-term solution.

When you book a consultation at our Wimbledon or Kensington clinic, our skin specialists can advise you on which treatments are available and provide you with tailored recommendations.

What Treatments are Available for Thread Veins?

At Eden Skin Clinic, we offer a choice of two specialist treatments to help effectively and safely reduce the symptoms of thread veins. The following treatments are available at both our Kensington and Wimbledon advanced skincare clinics:

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IPL Thread Vein Treatment

IPL Thread Vein Treatment is a safe, precise, and effective way of treating thread veins with minimal effect on the surrounding skin. Clients will typically describe IPL as uncomfortable rather than painful.

Many clients compare the treatment to a rubber band snapping against the skin for a brief second, followed by a feeling of warmth. Most clients will see noticeable results in around 2-3 weeks after treatment and may require top-up sessions for lasting results.

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Advanced Electrolysis

Advanced electrolysis can help reduce the appearance of thread veins. The treatment works by using an electric current and a very fine needle to cauterise a skin imperfection. Your practitioner will work carefully when treating your thread veins to ensure no healthy skin is affected.

Advanced electrolysis is a relatively quick and straightforward treatment, causing no prolonged or residual pain. Once your session is complete, our practitioners will indicate whether further treatments are necessary; in cases with broad coverage of thread veins, multiple sessions may be required.

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What Causes Thread Veins?

Thread veins are essentially damaged blood vessels. They develop when the tiny, one-way valves inside the veins are weakened. In healthy veins, valves push the flow of blood in a single direction back to the heart. However, when these valves are strained, the blood starts to flow backwards, accumulating in the veins.

When this happens, a buildup of pressure occurs on the walls of the veins, causing them to weaken and expand. Because of this, thin weblike formations occur underneath the skin’s surface that are deep shades of red, purple or blue.

Thread veins typically become more prevalent as we age. However, some people will develop them earlier if their genetics predispose them to the condition. Factors such as excessive temperatures (both hot and cold), alcohol consumption, smoking and exercise typically cause the skin to flush and can increase the blood flow to the skin’s surface, which may contribute to their development.

Other factors, such as friction or trauma to an area, whether by injury or UV damage, are also believed to increase the risk of thread veins developing. Additionally, pregnant women may be more at risk due to the increased blood volume they carry during pregnancy. When you book a consultation at our Wimbledon or Kensington clinic, one of our specialists can discuss this with you further.


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Thread Vein Treatment Costs

If you are interested in our IPL Thread Vein Treatment or advanced electrolysis to help reduce the appearance of your thread veins, please get in touch with Eden Skin Clinic today. We would be happy to assess your skin concern and work with you to create a bespoke treatment plan.

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