Mesopeel® Chemical Peels Treatment

Mesopeel® is an advanced range of professional chemical peels. Based on organic acids, using AHA and BHAs, it helps rejuvenate and hydrate the skin leaving it glowing, bright and soft.

  • Lines and wrinkles

  • Acne

How does Mesopeel® work?

Cell Renewal

Our skin typically renews and regenerates naturally every 28 days. However, during adolescence, pregnancy, menopause and as we age, this renewal process becomes slower and irregular leading to fine lines, wrinkles, dull tone and pigmentation spots.

Regular Mesopeel® treatments

A Mesopeel® helps to maintain a healthy appearance while revealing fresher, brighter skin. These peels cause minimum irritation, although some redness or tautness is usual immediately after the treatment.

It is most important to protect your skin from sun exposure following a chemical peel, and we apply a sunscreen before you leave the clinic.

We recommend a course of treatments (typically 3-6) for optimum results.