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Enlarged Pores

At Eden Skin Clinic, we offer various treatment options for enlarged pores at both our Kensington and Wimbledon clinics. Please book a consultation with us today to learn more about how we can help with the appearance of enlarged pores.

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What are Enlarged (Visible) Pores?

Pores are small openings in the skin found around hair follicles. They are necessary for the secretion of sweat and sebum to the skin’s surface, helping to maintain moisture and protect it. However, too much oil production can cause your pores to dilate, leading to visible depressions on the skin, known as enlarged pores.

Enlarged facial pores are a common concern, typically occurring in adolescence or adulthood. With age, your pores can become more prominent due to declining collagen and elastin fibres. As these fibres deplete and weaken, the skin loses its firmness and begins to sag. This causes the pores to widen and stretch, appearing much larger.

Though they are not harmful to your health, a significant concentration of enlarged pores can be noticeable and difficult to cover up. While enlarged pores are permanent, various treatments are available at our Wimbledon and Kensington clinics to help improve their appearance.

What Treatments are Available for Enlarged Pores?

At Eden Skin Clinic, we provide a range of specialist skin treatments to help improve the appearance of enlarged pores at both our Kensington and Wimbledon clinics.

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Micro-needling is a highly effective treatment option for reducing enlarged pores. It works using a 16-needle cartridge that glides over the skin to create micro-punctures.

These punctures activate the skin’s response to healing, helping to boost collagen and elastin production. Micro-needling can noticeably improve skin texture and pore size by boosting collagen.

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AlumierMD Skin Peels

AlumierMD Skin Peels can be tailored to your specific treatment needs, aiding the existing enlarged pores. They work by deeply cleansing larger pores of excess dirt, oil, and impurities to improve and minimise their appearance.

As a result, AlumierMD Skin Peels can be used to exfoliate dead skin cells, boost cell turnover, stimulate collagen and improve skin texture and tone. These treatments are particularly beneficial if your enlarged pores are caused mainly by oily skin or the overproduction of sebum.

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IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL Skin Rejuvenation can diminish and improve the appearance of enlarged pores effectively. IPL works by directing controlled pulses of light into the upper layers of the skin, promoting rejuvenation and clarity. This treatment helps to restructure the collagen beneath the skin, rebuilding the skin’s structure to improve the appearance of large pores.

To learn more about our range of enlarged pore treatments, why not book a consultation with one of our specialists at our Wimbledon or Kensington clinic? Our expert team will examine your skin’s condition and answer any of your questions, helping to recommend the right course of enlarged pores treatment for you.

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Enlarged Pores treatment local to me kensington

What Causes Enlarged Pores?

Enlarged pores are primarily owed to your genetics. However, other factors can influence their occurrence. The main cause of larger pores is the excessive production of sebum. Sebum is a natural oil produced by the body to coat, protect, and moisturise the skin’s surface.

When the sebaceous glands produce excessive sebum, this can trap cellular debris in your pores, causing them to expand. Because of this, sebum cannot discharge freely from the pores, making them appear wider and more visible. If left untreated, enlarged pores blocked with sebum can result in further skin concerns, like blackheads.

Enlarged pores are often most prominent on the nose due to a higher concentration of large sebaceous glands in this area. However, they may also appear on the cheeks due to age, genetics, and regular makeup use, which can block open pores. The absence of a skincare routine to adequately remove makeup and poor overall hygiene are also contributors. If not properly removed, oils, makeup, and dead skin cells will clog open pores, causing them to expand.

Over time, frequent exposure to UV radiation, especially without UV protection, breaks down the collagen and elastin structure of the skin, reducing its elasticity and plumpness. This also occurs naturally as we age. Because of this, collagen, elastin, and water loss cause the delicate tissues beneath the skin to lose their structure which can also widen the edges of the pore.


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Enlarged Pore Treatment Costs

If you are interested in Micro-Needling, AlumierMD Skin Peels, or IPL Skin Rejuvenation to treat enlarged pores, please get in touch with Eden Skin Clinic today. We would be happy to assess your skin concerns and work with you to create a bespoke treatment plan.

Please fill out our online consultation form if you are ready to get booked in for our treatments. We will get back to you shortly to schedule an appointment.

For more information about our prices, please view our prices in Kensington and Wimbledon respectively.

You may also call us at either our Wimbledon or Kensington London clinics. Our expert team would be happy to answer your questions and help you find a treatment that suits your needs.

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