Be picture-perfect on your wedding day

Be picture-perfect on your wedding day

“With all eyes (and cameras) on you for the day, radiant clear skin and the picture-perfect hair tops every bride’s wish-list,” says clinic founder Lorraine Scrivener.

“The minute you set the date, book an in-depth consultation with one of our skin specialists in either our Kensington or Wimbledon clinics. At this initial session we’ll assess your skin’s condition and advise you on the best treatments, products and skin regime for the coming months. Your next call should be to your hairdresser as your hair is as important as your dress in creating the bridal look you’ve always dreamed of.”

6 months to your wedding day…

You can’t begin your hair and beauty preparations too early. The sooner you start the better the results on your wedding day.

Be a smooth bride

Not a sexy subject we agree, but unsightly body hair can undermine a bride’s confidence and make you self-conscious in your dress. The latest laser hair removal technology permanently removes unwanted hair by penetrating the skin, targeting the hair shaft and destroying the follicle. It isn’t painful and doesn’t damage the dermis, so even brides with sensitive skin can be treated.

At our Wimbledon clinic we have invested in the state-of-the-art IPL Ellipse (the system of choice for the NHS) which enables us to effectively treat all skin types including those clients with dark skin or pale hair.

A course of treatments is usually needed so start now. Lorraine says, “IPL treatment can affect the melanin in your body so I recommend starting your course of treatments as early as possible, especially if you’re planning a honeymoon in the sun.”

You can learn more about the benefits of IPL hair reduction in this post by Lorraine

Kick-start your bridal beauty regime

If you suffer from sun damage, uneven pigmentation, fine lines or acne scars a skin peel may be the perfect kick-start to your wedding skin-care regime.

“A skin peel can rejuvenate and smooth your skin instantly revealing a younger, more beautiful you. Peels work by removing the dead skin cells and encouraging new ones to grow,” explains Lorraine. “For optimum results, I often advise brides to combine a course of skin peels with micro-dermabrasion,”

If you suffer from cellulite or feel your figure could do with some TLC then think about a course of Venus Freeze body treatments – ideal for smoothing and reducing cellulite.

You’ll discover more about skin peels and what results to expect in this blog post

We also offer skin consultations for your wedding party – your mum will want to look camera-ready for her daughter’s special day too.

Beautiful bridal hair doesn’t just happen

With 6 months to go you’ve plenty of time to experiment with colour and cut, and importantly get those locks into tip top condition. Dan Amis, Manager at TONI&GUY in Gloucester Road, Kensington recommends trims every 6 weeks (even if you’re growing your hair), with regular deep repair treatments both in-salon and at home.

“Chat through your plans and ideas with your hair stylist at the first opportunity,” suggests Dan. “Talk through your dress, the location and your personality as they all influence your wedding hair – be it a delicate flower-girl look, classic chic with a contemporary twist or a Boho down-do. Your stylist can then fully advise you on your face shape, the condition of your hair and what is realistic to achieve.”

3 months to wedding bells…

The perfect smile on your wedding day

Electrolysis is ideal for targeting individual hairs on the lip, chin and other small areas to ensure you’re flawless for those close-up shots. Using a very fine, disposable, sterile needle Electrolysis permanently destroys each hair follicle individually, eradicating future hair growth.

Clear complexion

IPL Skin Rejuvenation treatments at our Wimbledon clinic can safely and gently tackle a range of skin concerns including uneven complexions, acne scarring, pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage.

2 months to your big day…

Shhh… your bridal beauty secret

Now is the time to start a course of Venus Freeze facial treatments. This instant non-surgical ‘face-lift’ is loved by super-model Cara Delevingne, who recently revealed she prepares for the runway season with a course of Venus Freeze.

This painless, non-invasive ‘face-lift’ smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, tightens skin and promotes an instant glow. With absolutely no downtime, reddening or other side effects Lorraine suggests you schedule your last treatment just a few days before your wedding for maximum benefit.

“This is the best facial I’ve had this year and possibly ever. Get bright and younger looking skin with this super-effective facial treatment,” The London Evening Standard, TV presenter and journalist Louise Scodie.

Practice makes a bride perfect

“Always, always, have a hair trial. This is your very special day and you can’t afford to leave anything to chance,” advises Dan. “The trial is your chance to experiment with different looks to complement your dress. A dramatic neckline, delicate veil or treasured antique clip can all strongly influence your look and help you decide which ‘do’ is for you.”

Your hair trial is also the time to decide with your stylist whether you need a discreet addition of extensions to add volume, thickness and length.

1 month to tying the knot…

Grooming the groom

It’s not all about the bride; the groom wants to look his best when you tie the knot too. Guys can be reticent when it comes to professional grooming, so whether he needs a last-minute back wax, Mircodermabrasion or just a relaxing massage, think about his beauty schedule when planning your own and book him in.

10 days to go…

Camera-ready hair

Your colour and trim are best done 7-10 days before your big day to allow them to settle.

TONI&GUY’s Dan Amis has a useful tip, “Stock up on a miniature hairspray and shine mist at your last salon visit. With guests snapping your every move you want to stay camera-ready at all times.”

Precision waxing for him and her

If you’re beach-bound for a romantic honeymoon now is the time to wax. Delaying it until the last minute might leave you red or blotchy. We love, and only use, Lycon for our precision hot waxing. For its smooth speedy results there is nothing to beat it.

And talking of sunshine and sand have you thought about sun protection? Lorraine always advises brides to be very careful about sunbathing in the run-up to your wedding. With arms, elbows and shoulders on display, unattractive strap marks can ruin your look whilst a lobster red face or chest can be devastating. Don’t risk it, is Lorraine’s advice.

You’ll find more tips from Lorraine on sun protection here

If you’re planning on saying “I do” in the next 12 months then call and book a Wedding Consultation with Eden Skin Clinic and TONI&GUY.

Eden Skin Clinics are within TONI&GUY salons in Gloucester Road, Kensington and in Wimbledon. Call TONI&GUY Gloucester Road, Kensington on 020 7838 0999 or TONI&GUY Wimbledon on 020 8947 7037 or book online.

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