Your holiday memories may be fading as fast as your tan, but there’s one memento of those languid poolside days that stubbornly refuses to fade… sun-damaged skin.

Age spots, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation are advanced skin care problems caused by sun damage (or photo-ageing as it’s sometimes called).

We all know skin damage prevention is better than cure, and most of us remember to slather on the sunscreen before soaking up those rays. However, even with strong UV protection, any exposure to the sun comes at a hefty cost to the look and feel of your skin.


Repairing sun-damaged skin

With today’s skin care technology you no longer have to live with the consequences of sun damage says skin care expert and clinic founder Lorraine Scrivener.

At Eden Skin Clinic we offer a choice of advanced treatments which are non-surgical and non-invasive to rejuvenate sun damaged skin, improve texture, reduce lines and fade pigmentation.

I talk about some of our advanced skin care treatments for sun damage here but for expert advice on your skin why not book an in-depth consultation with me or one of my clinic team? Call our Kensington clinic 020 7584 0115, Wimbledon clinic 020 8947 7037 or…
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Improve age spots and pigmentation

Age spots (also known as liver spots) are caused by overactive pigment cells. UV rays from the sun speed up the production of melanin which, when produced in high concentrations, clumps together to form the tell-tale spots.

The CryoPen Cryosurgical System uses an ultra cold jet of high-pressure nitrous oxide applied directly to age spots and uneven pigmentation.

This proven treatment has pinpoint accuracy so it’s safe for use on the face and close to the eyes. Clients report minimal discomfort with this quick procedure.


Chemical peels: advanced skin care for sun damage

Chemical skin peels are a safe, highly effective skin care treatment to correct damage to the collagen and elastin caused by over exposure to the sun says Lorraine.

We use AlumierMD peels which gently, yet effectively, reduce uneven skin pigmentation, improve skin texture and firmness, and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

They work by causing intentional damage to the epidermis and/or dermis with the goal of stimulating new tissue to improve skin texture and tone.

The strength of a chemical peel is determined by the type of ingredients used, their concentrations and the pH of the formulation. Peels are classified as superficial, medium or deep, depending on the depth of penetration of the ingredients used.

I recommend combining peels with a non-invasive treatment such as Microdermabrasion or IPL Skin Rejuvenation for best results. So let’s look at IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments for sun damage.


IPL skin rejuvenation for sun damage

Summer skin sun protection tips from Lorraine

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) emits a pulse of light which is absorbed by the melanin in the pigment spot. This heat causes the pigment to split into tiny particles and eventually flake away resulting in a more even tone and complexion.

At Eden Skin Clinic we use IPL Skin Rejuvenation to treat sun damage on the face and neck. We also get superb results on other areas. The décolleté and hands are often neglected when applying sunscreen resulting in hyperpigmentation, free radical damage and thin looking dehydrated skin.


Over exposure to sun can cause thread veins

I regularly see clients with thread (spider) veins on their face and body caused by too much sun exposure.

The good news is that these can be simply and quickly treated in most cases with either IPL or advanced electrolysis. We discuss the options, before recommending the best treatment for you at your pre-treatment consultation.


Microdermabrasion reduces sun damage

Microdermabrasion is a painless cosmetic skin care treatment using crystals to remove the dead outer layer of skin cells (the stratum corneum) to reveal the underlying live cells. These cells are softer, smoother and more receptive to nutrients. The procedure smoothes and resurfaces the skin whilst reducing age spots and other pigmentation problems caused by sun damage.

I usually recommend my clients combine a course of microdermabrasion with chemical skin peels to treat stubborn sun damage problems.


Skin care products to combat UV damage

Of course there are many steps you can take yourself to help prevent and combat sun damage.

To complement our professional AlumierMD chemical peels, try their skin care products between clinic visits to give your treatment an added boost and achieve longer lasting results. All AlumierMD skin care products are scientifically proven to penetrate and stimulate the skin for rapidly visible results.