The HydraFacial Hype: What Is It, And What Does It Treat?

The HydraFacial Hype: What Is It, And What Does It Treat?

With more and more people learning how to care for their skin rather than cover it up, revolutionary treatments like the HydraFacial have created quite a buzz across the skincare industry. In fact, it is so popular that a HydraFacial is estimated to be performed globally every 15 minutes.

Established in 1997, the HydraFacial Company is one of the world’s leading aesthetic device manufacturers, operating under the ethos that you can live confidently through amazing skin. Ahead, we’ll take a closer look at the HydraFacial, exploring how it works and its many benefits.

What Is The HydraFacial?

The HydraFacial, also referred to as Hydradermabrasion, is an advanced facial skin treatment. It combines microdermabrasion-like cleansing and exfoliation with deeply nourishing and hydrating serums. Because of this, clinicians can select an ideal combination of booster serums that deliver a HydraFacial tailored to unique skin concerns.

The innovative device uses the brand’s patented 4-in-1 Vortex technology to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate the skin. During treatment, the tip of the HydraFacial device is passed over the skin, providing airtight suction that extracts impurities without damaging the skin’s surface. Simultaneously, the handpiece delivers gentle but effective peels for added exfoliation, along with potent serums to hydrate and calm the skin.

HydraFacial delivers instant and long-lasting results that are both seen and felt. With ongoing treatments, you’ll notice intensely improved hydration, minimised dark spots, and an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment is minimally invasive, offering little to no discomfort and downtime. As a result, it can be used to:

• Hydrate dehydrated skin

• Minimise enlarged pores

• Reduce Blackheads

• Soften the appearance of fine lines

• Brighten the skin

• Improve tone and texture of the skin

• Deeply cleanse and exfoliate

• Give the skin a visible glow

How Does The HydraFacial Stand Out Against Other Treatments?

You may be wondering what sets the HydraFacial apart from other treatments. The answer to this is that it takes your average facial to the next level by combining multiple treatment objectives to achieve maximum results. It noticeably combats problematic skin conditions while improving your skin’s overall health from the first treatment.

During its first and second steps, Vortex Cleansing and Hydra Peel Exfoliation, it removes dead skin cells and sebum build-up from the skin.

This is followed by the Vortex Extraction stage, which uses strong vacuum suction to facilitate painless extractions of blackheads and other impurities. This step is particularly beneficial for those experiencing active breakouts and does not involve the squeezing of traditional extractions, resulting in minimal discomfort.

During Vortex Fusion, a rejuvenating and hydrating blend of peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acids are dispensed over the skin to restore and soothe.

A handheld LED light device is then passed over the skin in the final stage. The blue light helps to destroy bacteria on the skin’s surface that contributes to acne and rosacea, whilst the red light stimulates collagen production, helping to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Not only can this treatment help transform the texture and appearance of your skin, but it is also suitable for a variety of skin types. This facial can be uniquely tailored to your needs, from the most problematic to the most sensitive skin.

The HydraFacial’s ability to deep clean your pores is one of the many benefits that set it apart from other advanced facial treatments. When your pores are opened up and cleared of dirt and debris, they are more receptive to the effects of topical products and serums applied during your treatment.

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What Is The HydraFacial Really Like?

With your HydraFacial treatment at Eden Skin Clinic Wimbledon or Kensington, you can expect minimal downtime, non-invasive procedures, and long-lasting results. Whilst your treatment is performed, you may experience mild discomfort. However, this is minimal as the patented vortex technology combined with nourishing serums allows the HydraFacial device to gently glide over the face.

After your first HydraFacial, you may notice smoother, brighter skin with a more even skin tone. Results from this treatment are often immediately noticeable. However, we recommend 3-6 sessions, typically spaced between 2-4 weeks apart, with potential maintenance thereafter, to achieve optimum results. For further information about what to expect at your HydraFacial treatment, visit our treatment page.

How Can I Book My HydraFacial Treatment?

If you are looking to minimise blackheads and congestion or revitalise the appearance of dull and dry skin, please get in contact with Eden Skin Clinic team today. Our expert skincare specialists would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our new HydraFacial treatment.

Our specialist HydraFacial treatment is available at our Wimbledon and Kensington central London clinics. A friendly member of our team would be more than happy to provide you with further advice or information.

Alternatively, you can call us at either our Kensington or Wimbledon clinics to learn more about the treatment process.

If you are a new customer, please fill out our online consultation form. We will get back to you shortly with the next steps.

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