Lorraine talks skincare routines to Health & Fitness magazine

Lorraine talks skincare routines to Health & Fitness magazine

Leading health and beauty magazine ‘Health & Fitness’ interviewed Eden Skin Clinic Founder, Lorraine Scrivener, for her expert skincare advice.

Along with dermatologist Dr Wong and Lisa Goldfaden (co-founder of skincare brand Goldfaden MD), the panel of specialists revealed their personal daily beauty regimes and their anti-ageing advice.

Here are Lorraine’s top picks and essential advice for Health & Fitness magazine…


Lorraine’s morning skincare ritual: Make it count!

I like to keep my skincare routine short, but effective. I cleanse with my Agera Ultra Calming Cleanser and rinse off in the shower to save time.

I then apply Agera Nano Eye Lift followed by Agera Mag C Serum topped off with the most important product that I wear every day – my Agera Daily Moisturizing Protector SPF 25.


Lorraine’s evening beauty ritual: Double cleanse

I always double cleanse in the evening with Agera Ultra Mild Cleanser to make sure all my make-up is removed. This is really important as the skin needs oxygen to repair itself. Make-up, if left on, deprives it of nutrients and slows the natural exfoliating process, which can leave the skin looking dull, dehydrated and could lead to breakouts!

Next, I use my serum, a retinol one – a high dose of vitamin A, which helps to plump the skin and increase collagen production.


Beauty cabinet secret: Be a minimalist

Believe it or not, my bathroom cabinet only has a small selection of products! I try one product at a time, as too many can be counteractive for the skin! Skincare products can be like candy: having a large selection is satisfying, but they get forgotten about and unused.

I do have a few Dermalogica essentials. For the important basics, such as a cleanser, moisturiser, eye cream and SPF, I spend around £100. If used correctly, these products should last well. Other additional products such as exfoliators and masks will last longer as they’re only used once or twice a week. Don’t keep products way past the sell-by date. If it has been open longer than a year, it’s time to say goodbye!


Lorraine’s top anti-ageing tip: SPF is everything!

‘For me, SPF is the number one product on the list. It’s lovely to have a tan and we do need vitamin D for good health, but too much tanning alters the cells’ DNA, causing premature ageing, pigmentation and other sun-related concerns.

I love Colour Science Brush On Mineral SPF, a powder that conveniently fits in the handbag for over-make-up application throughout the day – great if you do a lot of sports outside – and it’s a hit with men too as it’s not greasy or messy. One application of SPF in the morning isn’t enough if you’re out and about all day – reapplication is a must.

All Lorraine’s favourite skincare and anti-ageing products are available at Eden Skin Clinics in Kensington and Wimbledon.  For advice on the best daily routines for your skin ask  Lorraine and her team at your next appointment or book a skincare consultation.

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