Laser Hair Removal: Stages of Hair Growth

Laser Hair Removal: Stages of Hair Growth

Over the last decade, hair removal has grown in popularity for both men and women. Unwanted body and facial hair growth can heighten insecurities. Thankfully laser hair removal can reduce hair growth by up to 90%. To fully understand how IPL laser hair removal works, it’s good to understand the stages of hair growth. Our skin therapists have carried out many IPL laser hair removal treatments. They have a wealth of knowledge of this process to give our clients impressive results. 

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What is laser hair removal? 

IPL Laser Hair Removal directs controlled pulses of light into the skin, which penetrate the epidermis and are absorbed by the melanin (pigment) in the hair shaft. This energy is converted into heat, which diminishes the blood supply. Over time, this process will reduce unwanted hair growth. This is a sufficient long-term solution for most people, but may only result, in a reduction of hair growth for others may find it so may be necessary to finish with electrolysis. It is particularly efficient for treating large areas of unwanted hair growth. IPL treatment is unsuitable for white, blonde, grey or red hair and works best on darker hair.

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What are the stages of hair growth? 

The growth and loss of hair may seem like a simple process. However, this is not the case. There are three main stages in the hair growth cycle. Hair growth is not always aligned, so we advise numerous IPL laser hair removal sessions for optimal results. 

Anagen: Growing phase

The anagen phase is the active growth stage, where laser hair removal is most effective. The root of the hair is at its largest, has the most melanin, and is attached to the blood supply. The hair follicle develops and becomes visible above the skin during this stage. The length of this phase depends on how long that hair will eventually grow, usually at least 2-3 weeks. IPL laser hair removal works best on darker hair colours, and the Anagen stage is also where the hair is at its darkest pigment. This allows for the best transfer of heat energy from the laser to the hair follicle.

Catagen: Transition phase

The Catagen stage is often referred to as the transitional stage. This is a short transitional period in which the hair stops growing, and the hair follicle shrinks in size. The hair follicle breaks away from the dermal papilla, that supplies it with nutrients. Usually, this stage only lasts for a few days. 

Telogen: Resting phase

The telogen phase is also known as the last, resting, or dormant phase. This is the final stage of hair growth when there is neither hair shedding nor new growth. The hair is no longer attached to the papilla. The Telogen stage is unpredictable and can last from a few days to a few years. Up to 80% of hair can be in the telogen phase at anytime. Laser hair removal will only be truly effective if you have a course of treatments to catch the hairs in their anagen stage.

Why Are Hair Growth Cycles Important For Laser Hair Removal? 

Now that you understand how the hair growth cycle works, you can better comprehend IPL laser hair removal. We ask our clients to shave the treatment area twenty-four hours before arrival so that the unwanted hair is as close to the skin as possible so the absorption of energy travels down the hair shaft to target at the base of the follicle and cauterise the blood supply. It’s essential that we carry out several sessions to ensure all of the hair follicles have been treated for optimum results. 

Due to the hair growth cycle, there is only a small window of time when the hair is in the correct stage of development to be affected. There must be at least 30 days between each IPL Hair Removal session. Initially, sessions will be around every 4-6 weeks. As hair regrowth slows, these sessions will be spaced further apart, progressing to even 6-8 weeks apart. After the treatment, you may leave with visible hair growth. However, the hairs will start to fall out around 1-3 weeks after your session. To encourage the hair to shed, you can shave or exfoliate the treatment area, but you must wait at least four days after treatment before doing so. 

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